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Related post: Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2008 15:43:57 -0400 From: cgard 43 Subject: OtherBoysofSummer-1This is a story about some young gay men and their families, and pantie pre teen what they experience learning about gay preteen modeling list life. Comments welcome to THE OTHER BOYS OF SUMMER preteens girls pee -1- The expression 'boys of summer' usually refers to baseball players, but there are other guys who also work preteen fucked pics mainly during the summer. My uncle gave me such a job during the summers when I was in college, working asian preteen sites with one of his landscaping crews. We took care of the lawns and landscaping for office buildings and fancy houses. I'd just finished my sophomore year in college. I have a wonderful family (parents and a sister), I get pretty good grades, I have a wonderful ex-boyfriend who is still my best friend, and am generally a very happy guy. And, I like this summer job because it lets me asia preteen supermodels work physically (away from the school books) and outside most of the time. The innocent girl preteens crew consisted of three guys, plus our foreman. The foreman, whose name was Eric, also supervised another couple of crews. He was a college student also, just a year or so older than me. He'd worked on a crew the prior year and then was promoted to foreman. We actually went to the same university but we'd never met before that summer. My uncle had suggested that I could become a foreman in another year if I did a good job. The two other guys on my crew were both Mexican immigrants, forbidden preteen cumshots legal I hasten to add, but neither of them spoke English very well although they were working on it. I spoke some Spanish, having studied it for years uk preteens models in school, so I acted as Eric's translator when it was needed. The other guys in the crew were Pedro, who was short and slim, and Guillermo, taller and more muscular. Both were pleasant enough looking, with dark hair and eyes and the olive skin that is part of their combined Spanish and Indian heritage. They both little asian preteens looked particularly good in the light gray uniforms that were provided to us. Unfortunately, my pants were a size too big for me so they didn't fit very well and I thought I looked like a bag tied in the middle by my belt. We worked well together. We were all prompt in meeting at the landscaping shop in the morning, so we could set off to our various job sites right on time. Both Pedro and Guillermo, who agreed that I could call him Willie after the first week, worked steadily and never tried to get out of doing whatever needed preteen toon pic to be done. We didn't talk a great deal, except when we stopped for lunch or a break, because we were so spread out when we were working on a site that korea preteen nude talking was difficult. I suppose it's normal that in any crew, each guy likes a certain part of the job better than another. Willie particularly liked driving the tractor mower, which he did very well, keeping it in a nice straight line as he cut the large lawns of the office buildings. I hated driving the mower because it made me tense and always gave me a hard-on. Pedro liked taking care of the shrubs links page preteens and trees, although he sometimes got a preteen cum little carried away with the pruning shears. That left me with the edging and the weeding, and especially with dealing with the people in the buildings who always wanted to come out and ask advice about their own lawns and gardens. I didn't mind any of it, because it was such a change preteen cheer video from going to school. One day a guy from an office building walked up to me as I was finishing the forum preteens gallery weeding. Willie had finished the lawns and Pedro and he were loading the tractor back onto preteen magazine nudes the truck bed we used to get around to the jobs. The office guy, named Drew, was young, slim and quite handsome. He asked me about when to fertilize cuties preteens trailers his parent's lawn and I handed him a card with the name of my uncle's home landscaping service on it. That was our standard answer to any question. As he turned and started to walk back into the building, I heard Willie and Pedro talking. It wasn't loud enough that I could hear all the words, nude preteen plumpers but I suddenly heard "Maricon," a slang word for gay or queer that I think every first year Spanish student learns, even though it's not in the book. I looked at the two of them preteen sexe illegal quickly and they were both embarrassed. Willie finally nodded his head, gesturing at preteen nud girls preteen banned porn the guy who was walking away and I took it to be an appraisal about him. I smiled without nodding and went back to my work. In my assessment, the office guy was possibly gay but that was strictly my gaydar, which is often faulty. Actually, I was relieved that they weren't talking about me. It wasn't that I minded if they learned that I was gay, but you never know just how guys are going to react to that information. As we drove to the next job site, stockings preteen cream I asked Willie why he thought the guy was gay. Pedro started to laugh and Willie stammered through a lot of words without saying anything. I finally just laughed it off, and we talked about other things. A couple freedom bbs preteen of days later, we were working at a job site where the lawn is especially large and Pedro and I always finish before Willie does. We were sitting on the back of the truck waiting for him when Pedro started talking to preteen teen rape me. "I want to angels preteens 15 tell you something," Pedro said in carefully measured Spanish so that I could understand him easily, "Promise you won't tell anybody what I'm going to say." I always find it odd when someone asks that; I don't know why. I nodded in agreement. "Guillermo didn't think that lpreteen nonnude photos the guy at the office was a maricon," Pedro said, "He was saying that from the way Eric looks at you, he thinks Eric is that way." I laughed and told him I doubted that was true, and that I'd never not innocent preteen noticed Eric looking at me any special way. He just smiled in return. It was true tasteful preteen galleries that I'd never noticed how Eric young preteens links looked at me, but I sure knew the way I looked at Eric. He was short, only about five-feet-nine, with blond hair and blue eyes, and was very attractive. Not only was he good-looking, but also he wore his uniform pants really tight school girls preteen and showed a great looking body and package. I couldn't keep from looking at it every time we were together, although I tried sexy preteen thumbs to be subtle. I kept thinking about what Pedro had said, and for the next preteenmodels pics several days made it a point to watch Eric when we were together. I can't say he did anything obvious, though once in a while I thought I saw him looking at my crotch with interest. I told myself it was probably just my imagination and tried to put it out of my mind. One morning, Eric followed us to the first job site on our list. It was a new account and he wanted to be sure we understood exactly what was to be done. He asked me to translate what he was telling me into Spanish and as I did, I finally saw what the guys had talked about. While I was talking to Pedro and Willie, I saw out of the corner of my eye how Eric's glance swept down to my crotch and lingered there. What's more, he did it every time I turned to talk to the guys in Spanish. My mind raced all the rest of the day. free preteen tits Could Eric really be gay? Could he be small preteen cock interested in me? And finally, how in the hell could I find preteengirls non nude out? I should digress for a moment to tell you one more item about me. For the last couple of years I'd been dating a guy I went to college with. We'd even roomed together, but somehow in the last six months, we'd talked about maybe cooling things off a bit. I was still crazy about him, but well, some things just make you question yourself. So, having said that, let's go back to considering Eric. "Well at least I can get my uniform to fit better," I said to myself, so after we quit that Friday I raced home and took the other pair of uniform pants to the tailor. My Dad and I have been taking clothes to this tailor for a long time. The tailor is an older guy, and frankly I think he's just an old queen. Sorry if that sounds unkind, but he's frequently made suggestive remarks to me over the years when I was with him alone. But, he is a good tailor, and I was raised not preteen nymphets bondage to judge people on that basis. preteen photos candids And, on this day, he agreed to take my pants in for me quickly and for just a small fee. I insisted I wanted them to fit well, and maybe a bit more snugly at the crotch, and he did everything but grope me as he measured and marked them. I just ignored what he did. He promised to have the pants ready the next day and when I picked them up, I found he'd done an excellent job. I ignored the very suggestive remarks he made because he didn't appeal to me. Meanwhile, I'd washed the second pair of pants I'd been provided, and I left them for him to alter too. This time the tailor went even further. "There," he said, placing his hand firmly on my cock and balls as he pulled the fabric from behind, "We'll fix them so this will fit right here." I didn't flinch and refused to rise to the bait, so he finally gave up preteen leotard pics and finished marking the pants. I looked at myself in the mirror as I dressed for work on Monday. "There," I said, admiring the way the pants now accentuated my endowment, "That'll give him something to look at." I was surprised when Willie noticed the new fit of my pants first. "What happened?" he asked in Spanish, "Your pants shrink or something?" "I guess so," I answered casually and went ahead with my work. Eric didn't show up at the first job site, but was on hand when we arrived at the second job that preteen gallery brazil was a huge preteensex movies house. He climbed out preteens japanes of his truck and walked toward us as we started unloading the tractor so we could get to work. He started to tell me some special jobs that the owner wanted done that week, and he asked me to translate to the other guys. It was the same situation as the week before, but after he finished the first part and I turned to translate it to Pedro and Willie, I watched as Eric's glance swept down my body then heard him inhale sharply. "Something wrong?" I asked, turning toward him just as he lifted his eyes from my crotch. "No, nothing," he said quickly and nervously. I went back to translating and soon we'd finished all that. Pedro and Willie and I got to work, and Eric hung around, doing some of my weeding with me. preteen toplist cp As a result, I finished much quicker than usual, and was loading my tools into the truck before the other guys were much more than half preteen bondage com through. "I'm going to get a cup of coffee," Eric said, "You've got some lil preteen girls time. You want to come along?" "Sure," I said, and I told Pedro we'd be back in fifteen minutes or so. I climbed into Eric's truck and he drove to a nearby coffee shop. We sat on stools at the counter, and I realized right away that this had the effect of making my bulging crotch even more noticeable than it was when I stood. preteen nude site It sort of embarrassed preteenz underage me so I kept my hand in my lap. I was stirring my coffee with my right hand when Eric passed me the sugar. I don't use it but since he'd passed it to me I had to take it and then set it down. There was no way to avoid it, so I reached for the sugar with my left hand, and watched as his eyes quickly stared down at my crotch. "Wow," I thought I heard him mumble. I look at him questioningly but he quickly said, "The coffee's really hot." He kept it up the whole time we were there. Every time I took preteen yo bbs my hand from my lap, he looked down. I was getting embarrassed, and then my cock started getting big too. I finished my coffee and stood up, brushing my hand down the front of my pants to help rearrange things. "I've got to go to the john," I said and headed that way. "Okay," he answered. I was standing in the restroom trying to figure out how to make my cock go soft again when the door opened and Eric walked in. "Thought I'd better go as well," he said nonchalantly as he walked up to the urinal next to mine. I preteen naked model tried to keep my gaze straight ahead, but out of the corner of my eye I could see that he preteen xxx pic was looking furtively. I was standing close enough that he couldn't see mine, but when I glanced his way, he was standing well back and I saw what made that large bulge in his pants. His cock was quite large, and it looked ls darkcollection preteen like a nice one. I looked up at his face and our eyes met. I lil preteen sluts was sure there was a strong look of desire there, but I wasn't interested in a rest room encounter, no matter how exciting it might have been. I finished and washed and dried my hands thoroughly while Eric remained at the urinal. "I'll see you outside," I said and walked out the door. Eric joined me in a few minutes and we drove back to the job site. Just before we got there, naturists preteen pics Eric spoke up. "Hey, I didn't mean to embarrass you back there," he said in little more than a whisper. "Sorry, man." I just nodded preteen peeing photos to let him know I understood. "I wasn't preteensporn embarrassed," I answered. "You know what I wanted to do back there, don't you?" he asked. I looked over at him. "Uh-huh," I murmured quietly, "I'm cool with it. I might want it too, but not in a place like that." Once the recognition hit, we both smiled at each other and brazilian preteen sex laughed nervously. "I really think you're a very sexy guy, Andy," he said, "Sorry naked shy preteen about back there." "Don't be," I answered, "I svens preteens find you attractive too." We both got quiet again. "My problem is that I live at home and really can't do anything there," I said. "Well," he said, "I russian preteens girls live at home too, but my parents are up at the lake most of the summer. You want to come over sometime?" "Sure," I agreed, "Just let me know where you live and when." We agreed to get together that night, but I said I wanted to go home and shower and change first. It's one thing cuties preteen young to realize that another guy's gay, but the first time you talk about it can be very awkward. Eric and I didn't talk much as we drove back to the site. Pedro and Willie were just loading the tractor back on the truck when we got back. I jumped down from the truck as Eric called to me. "I'll see you back at the shop." I was glad that he waved to the other guys too, and also that my cock had softened again during the trip back. I thought Willie looked at me strangely as I walked across to them, but I hoped it was just my imagination We finished our jobs in good time and drove back to the shop. Eric wasn't around so I went youth preteens nude in and said hello to my uncle for a few minutes. He's a really nice guy, and we've always been very friendly. While we were talking, Eric walked in with the job tickets for the day. "So what do you think, Eric?" my uncle asked, "You think Andy here could be a foreman next year?" "Sure," Eric said, "He knows the work and it really helps that he can speak Spanish too." "Thanks," I said, smiling at him. He handed me a piece of paper that I stuffed in my pocket. "I gotta go, Unc," I said, turning back to him. It's a nickname he hates but it's become kind of a joke between us. "Get outta here," he called after me. Eric stayed in his office while he reviewed the job tickets. The note from Eric was clear and to the point. 'Eight preteen incest russian o'clock. 157 Edgewood Drive.' It also had his phone number. I knew exactly where it was, even though my family lived preteen love forums on the file preteen pedofilia other side of town. I drove home and had a quick shower, scrubbing to get all the dirt from my fingernails, and dressed in what uk nonnude preteens I thought was my best-fitting pair of jeans and a knit shirt. I had dinner with my family then quickly excused myself. "You got a date, Andy?" my Dad asked. "Not exactly, Dad," I said, "I'm just going out with the guys. Who knows what'll happen?" My Dad's really a great guy, but he's always preteen nudes sexy pushing me about dating girls. Some day, I knew, I was going to have to come out to them. I drove to Eric's house, arriving a little early. It was a beautiful, pre teenage girlsmodels big house and there preteen model amber was only one light on upstairs. I waited preteen nude creampie until I saw the light go out, then walked up to the front door and rang the bell. Eric opened the door very quickly and we smiled at each other. He was dressed in 501's and a tight knit shirt and looked as sexy as ever. He invited me in and led the way to the family room. "You want a beer or something?" he asked. I accepted a beer. We walked into the large, comfortable family room and both sat down in chairs. Suddenly I felt very nervous, and I knew Eric could tell. "What's the matter, Andy?" he asked. I shrugged. "Just a little nervous," I answered. "I've got to tell you I haven't done this very often." The truth was that I'd done it fairly often, but only with one person. "Me too," Eric said with a smile. "Just a couple of newbies, huh?" We both laughed. "Look," he said, "I don't want to be crude, but I'd like to know what you're 'into'?" "What do you mean?" I asked, "It's simple. I'm gay. I like guys. You?" "What about this?" he asked, standing and walking toward me. I stood and he put his arms around me. Then our lips met. His lips were parted and I opened mine slightly as he pushed his tongue deep into my mouth. He didn't kiss especially well but he kind of came preteen models amateur around as I showed him my way. We kissed for several long minutes before he pulled away. "Oh God, you're beautiful," he whispered, "I didn't dream you'd be this nice." "What do you mean?" I asked, very puzzled. "Well," he said, "Usually when I meet another young guy, they don't like kissing or affection. They just like having sex." "Not me," I said, "I like kissing almost as much as anything else. "Eric, there's something I think we need to talk about," I said. He sat up quickly and looked at me with a puzzled smile. I was disinclined to tell him that I'd been dating a guy for several years and was definitely not in the mood for a quickie. So I took a different approach. "I'm not interested in just getting it preteen bathing pics on," I said finally. "I'd rather take this a bit more slowly and get to know each other. You okay with that?" "Oh yeah, preteen diaper picture sure," he answered, moving away from me on the sofa. "That's fine with me." The next minute passed in silence. Finally, I knew I had to speak again. "Don't get me wrong," I said. "It's not that I'm not attracted to you, but I'd rather get to know you first before we rush headlong into sex." He had the most peculiar look preteen legal porn on his face I'd ever seen. "I guess I've never thought about that before," he said finally. "All the guys I've ever preteen boys barefoot met just wanted to get off." We moved close together and our lips met again. This time, he kissed more nicely, and I found it exciting. His strong body pressed against mine, and I responded in turn, feeling the heat even through our clothes. He moaned quietly as we kissed, as if expressing his pleasure at what was happening. Soon we were stretched out on the couch, side by side as we continued to kiss and hold each other. He ran his hands over my body, finally reaching to grope my crotch gently and he moaned quietly again. I confess that I flinched when he grabbed me. "You want me to back off?" Eric whispered. "Yeah, for a while," I answered, though nymphette model preteen my resistance was bbslist preteens shrinking. We talked for quite a while and then we went back to kissing again. Before long, our jeans and shirts were off and we were stretched out on the sofa in just our jockeys. Suddenly Eric lifted himself up so that he was resting on his elbow. "Well, can I see your cock again?" he asked. I grinned at him. "Sure," I said, "I want to see yours too." We both stripped off our shorts and I tiny bikini preteens have to say it felt wonderful to lie there with him naked. We kissed some more and he pulled me over on top of him and we rubbed our bodies and erect cocks against each other. Suddenly Eric stopped. "Come on," he whispered, "Let's go upstairs. We don't want to mess up the sofa." He stood and pulled me up and we walked up the stairs. He was ahead of me innocent preteen pussy as preteen boys masturbate we preteen bondage went up and I couldn't help but notice how sexy his ass was. "Nice," I said as I touched him. He giggled. We had a delightful time in his bed rubbing against each other and we came on our chests and bellies within seconds of each other just from our body contact. Eric got up and cleaned up both of us with a preteen modelling agencies warm washcloth then lay down next to me. I teeny preteen bald looked into his beautiful blue eyes as his mouth widened into a smile. "Wow," he said as he lay down, "That was fantastic, preteen stories oral Andy." "Yeah it was," I answered as my normal breathing returned. I turned around and pulled him against me. "You're really nice," he said, kissing me preteen kisses tenderly. "I guess I've never had the pleasure of meeting someone as nice as you." "You're terrific," I said quietly, "You really are." He grinned like preteen lol toplist crazy. "No one's ever told me that before," he almost gushed, "I mean I've not been with a lot of guys who talked." I looked at him in some surprise blackcat preteen but instead of saying anything, I just hugged him. After a few minutes I felt him relax and snuggle against me. "Wow, this is nice," he whispered preteen nookie as he kissed and then starting to preteen models websites tongue my ear. I confess it made me chuckle a little. camp preteen nudity "I'm serious," he whispered again, "I've never had sex with a guy who seemed to care about me like this." I pulled back and looked at him in amazement. Where had these androids he'd met been? I mean Eric is a handsome, well-endowed and sexy guy. Why hasn't he met a guy before who appreciated him? Eric and I went back downstairs and pulled our briefs back on. He brought us dark preteens movie each a bottle of water from the fridge. We moved back up to the sofa and sat down. Soon, he was snuggled against my chest. "I've never met forever models preteen any guy like you before, Andy," he whispered. "Of course that could have something to do with where I met them." I'm sure I looked puzzled, but I prompted him to go on with little hardcore preteen his story. "My folks put me in a program to try to romanian preteen nudes cure me," he said quietly. "Oh," I said quietly. I'd heard about such programs but I knew very little about them. "Fortunately, fairly quickly my parents' friends convinced them that the whole idea was stupid preteen american nudists and that there was no reason for them to try to cure me of being gay," he said with a rather gentle smile. I didn't say anything. "So, my folks agreed that I could see guys who'd been in the program with me but just for sex, not to try to amature preteen porno have a relationship. A lot of the guys I'd met in the program kept in touch toplesspreteen model gallery and so nude preteen bodies my sex life hasn't been exactly zilch, but it's preteen petite porn not been very satisfying either. I want to be with guys like you." Now I was really puzzled. "Eric," I said, "I'm not pushing for a relationship, but it seems to me that your folks have denied you the right to be yourself full out, if you know what I mean." He almost giggled. "No, I mean it," I said. " I get the feeling that your parents were agreeing to let you have sex but to deny any emotional part of your life. Am I right? "Look, man," he said, "I was so damn glad to get out of that program I'd have agreed to almost anything." american preteen model "Yeah, but I think you're missing out on some of the best stuff, pal," I said. He looked at me and smiled though his eyes remained very sad. "Teach me, Andy," he whispered almost imploringly, "Teach me what I need to know so I can meet a guy like you again." It was so sweet, the way he said that; I had to hug him preteen stocking and promise I would try to do what he wanted. When I left Eric's house a half an hour or so later, I realized that I had no idea or experience in how to do that. To be continued.
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